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Family for Every Child is a network of civil society organisations working to mobilise knowledge, skills and resources around children’s care.


This study was proposed by five member organisations of the network that met in the Philippines in February 2017 for a practice exchange on the issue of child sexual abuse; CPTCSA (Philippines), Butterflies (India), First Step Cambodia, Muhammadiyah (Indonesia) and Voice of Children (Nepal). They wanted to garner a better understanding of how social norms around gender influence how we care for boys who are affected by sexual violence and what is already being done by likeminded organisations to ensure that boys affected by sexual violence grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family, or quality alternative care where needed.


In order to gather this information, 20 semi structured key informant interviews with Family for Every Child members and other international and national civil society organisations were conducted. In addition, over 100 documents (English, Spanish and Portuguese) were reviewed focusing specifically on boys affected by sexual violence in developing country contexts. This presentation will highlight some of the initial draft findings of this study, in order to raise awareness around this hidden issue.


Camilla Jones has worked in child care and protection for over a decade. She initially worked for NGOs delivering and advising on child protection programmes, and then as a consultant developing guidelines and training resources.


She has worked for Family for Every Child since 2015, during which time she has focussed on five major projects looking at: the links between social protection and children’s care in three African countries; the links between education and children’s care from a global perspective; using digital storytelling to explore the nature of families from children’s perspectives around the world; a review of what ‘effective’ family care is and what can be done to better support it; and now a scoping study on caring for boys affected by sexual violence.

Live Q&A

Camilla Jones will be live on Proteknon's FB page for a 30-min Q&A session on 19 Sept at 8 am NY time |1 pm London time | 3 pm Nairobi time | 7 pm Bangkok time.

    Proteknôn is derived from two Greek words: "in front of" and "child". As our name implies, we are senior child protection researchers and practitioners, focused on what children are facing, especially as it relates to their care, protection and wellbeing. In order to do this, we are committed to learning from and with girls and boys, of all ages, backgrounds and capacities.

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    Tentative Findings from a Scoping Study


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